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High Fetal Heart Rate in Early Pregnancy

High Fetal Heart rate is nothing to worried about in early pregnancy, if the Fetal Heart rate is below a certain limit and also above a certain limit. A normal fetal heart rate can range anywhere between 110 to 160 BPM and in some babies it can even touch upto nearly 200 BPM depending upon various factors.

You should be really concerned only if it exceeds 200 BPM and touching around 220 BPM .As long as the heart rate is below 200 BPM you need not worry about it. Sometimes Fetal Heart rate may increase by 10-20 BPM if you (pregnant mother) is feeling anxious or suffering from anxiety.. So High Fetal heart rate is nothing to be worried about as long it’s above 200 BPM

There are many cases of pregnant mothers where Fetal heart rate was high in the early pregnancy and then it came to around normal levels around 160 BPM after 1st trimester and they went on to have healthy babies as shown in the below screenshots

Here is case of one of the expectant mothers whose baby’s Fetal Heart Rate was around 181 BPM and then dropped to around 140 BPM around week11

High Fetal Heart Rate

Sometimes if the baby is active the Fetal Heart rate can shoot above 180BPM for short periods so it might be necessary to measure the Fetal Heart rate over 10-20 mins to find the accelerative trace. And sometimes if the baseline is above 160BPM then it might be due to various factors like Dehydration, excessive sugar, infection or even stress to the mother can cause the heart rate to be above 180BPM consistently..

The best way to measure the Fetal Heart rate would be using CTG rather than using Doppler as in CTG you would be able to see longer periods of Faster Rhythm and slower Rhythm whereas that’s not possible in Doppler!