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Cloudflare Outage on June21st 2022

Cloudflare today was affected by a outage that made most of the internet services go down in different parts of the world The issue was reported in the early hours of June 21st UTC and was reportedly solved later within 2 hrs by the Cloudflare team. There were lot of services that went down because of the Cloudflare outage as Cloudflare is like the backbone of the internet with many websites using it to point them to their servers.

List of services that might have been affected by Cloudflare outage:2K Games, League of Legends, Minecraft, Steam Amazon Web Services, Discord, DoorDash, Gitlab, Shopify, Skype, UPS, Cloudflare, DigitalOcean, Udemy, Coinbase, Valorant, Crunchyroll, Patreon ,Legends of Runeterra, Americas Cardroom, eToro, Betfair,Canva VRChat Kraken, HubSpot, Omegle, Riot Games, Upwork, Epic Games, Store, Grindr Hypixel Quizlet, Peloton E! ,Shop, 4chan etc.,