How to turn off Cloud Trail in AWS

CloudTrail in AWS costs a lot. If you are using AWS accounts for personal or learning purposes then it might still add some amount to your AWS bill even if you have deleted all your AWS resources. Let us see in the below steps how to turn off any cloud trail in AWS using different options such as AWS Console and CLI.

Turn off Cloud Trail from AWS Console

Step 1: Go to the AWS Console and search for Cloud Trail

Step 2: (or) Go to Cloud Trail –

Step 3:Click on Trails on the left pane

Step 4: In the list of Trails displayed, click on any of the trails for which you want to turn off (or) Go to the Trails detail page

Step 5: At the top of the page, there would be a stop logging option as shown below

AWS Cloud Trail

Step 6: Click on the “Stop logging” option to turn off the trail

Turn on Cloud Trail from the AWS Console

To turn on any cloud trail that has been stopped. Go to AWS Console and click on the trail you want to turn on, on top of the page, click on “Start logging” to turn on that particular cloud trail as shown below

AWS Cloud Trail

Turn Off Cloud Trail using AWS CLI

This is one of the easiest methods to turn off cloud trails. We can skip a couple of steps in the deletion process. Using the trail name, we can stop logging for that particular cloud trail

Get the status of the Cloud trail by executing the below AWS CLI Command

aws cloudtrail get-trail-status --name trailname

This will display the current status of the AWS Cloud trail as shown

Now turn off the Cloud trail using the below AWS CLI command

aws cloudtrail stop-logging --name trailname

The above command will stop logging off the Cloud trail. Then you can also view the status of the cloud trail using the status command, which will show “IsLogging” as false

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