Microsoft Teams outage due to a Broken connection to a internal storage! | TM402718 | July 21,2022

From Morning 2 AM UTC, users across the world started experiencing outage on MSTeams. The Teams app was not getting connected and the users were unable to access the Teams chat or attend the calls.The issue got reported to Microsoft which started investigating it around 2:30 AM UTC which is confirmed by the twitter message from MSFT

This teams outage was not limited to a particular region, it was a worldwide outage and Microsoft soon determined the issue was due to broken connection to a internal storage service and they also updated that they are working to direct traffic to a healthy service to mitigate the impact. (This impact is only for Teams which are being used by Enterprises and my Personalized Teams account continues to work perfectly)

And this also affects all the Teams features that includes

  • Messaging, Calling and Meetings
  • Microsoft Word integration with multiple services
    • Office Online
    • SharePoint Online
  • Any other integrations also might not work

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