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Ransomware attack on KP Snacks!

KP Snacks ( Kenyon Produce Snacks) has been hit by Conti-Ransomware group affecting distribution to leading supermarkets. The company produces and owns popular brands like PopChips, Skips, Hula Hoops, McCoy’s, KP Jacks, Skips, Space Raiders, Tyrrells, Velvet Crunch etc., The company is based in Slough, UK . It seems the distribution network of KP snacks has been hit by ransomware such that orders from the stores can’t be processed or dispatched in an email to the stores.

KP snacks said in a statement that they were affected by an IT ransomware incident on Jan28th, 2022. They have enacted CyberSecurity response plan and engaging a leading forensic technology firm to investigate the incident. The internal IT teams of KP snacks are continuing to work with third party vendors and assess the situation. The disruptions at KP snacks may last till end of the March according sites like The company has around 2000 employees and earns around $600 million which makes it as one of the nice targets of Ransomware groups.