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Apple Zero Day Vulnerability | CVE-2022-22620 | Affected Products

Apple Products have been affected by a new zero day vulnerability that is being actively exploited. Apple has now released a security update for the vulnerability which should be installed on your Apple devices. This vulnerability is affecting almost all of Apple devices like Mac, iPhone and iPad, This error is caused by a memory management issue is  WebKit (Safari browser’s HTML Rendering Engine). If you are using Chrome you are absolutely safe but if your favorite browser is Safari then update immediately.

ProductOS & Product versionPatch Update
MacmacOS Big SurPatch Link
MacmacOS Catalina Patch Link
MacmacOS Monterey Patch Link
Apple WatchwatchOS – Apple Watch Series 3 and laterPatch Link
iPhoneiOS – iPhone 6s and laterPatch Link
iPad Pro iPad Pro (all models)Patch Link
iPad Air iPad Air 2 and later Patch Link
iPad Pad 5th generation and later Patch Link
iPod touch 7th generation Patch Link