Clearing DNS Cache from Chrome

Sometimes we may not be able to access some websites due to caching issues from Chrome Browser. Before deciding it’s a chrome issue try to clear the ipconfig dns cache as well as try to access the same webpage from incognito window or using your mobile. If the webpage can be accessed without any issues then the problem might be with your chrome browser internal dns.

The below steps will show how to clear the chrome internal DNS cache and also how to flush the DNS sockets

Step 1: Open your chrome

Step 2: Navigate to chrome://net-internals/#dns

Step 3: click on the Clear host cache as shown

Step 4: Again try accessing the webpage or website, if it’s still didn’t work then try clearing the Sockets

Step 5: To clear the sockets, click on Close idle sockets or click on Flush socket pools

After doing the above steps, try accessing the webpage again, if you are still facing issues then the site might be down or it might be some other issue

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