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List of Jamf Nation Products & Log4j Vulnerability

Jamf nation one of the largest Apple Enterprise Management companies has been also affected by the Log4j Vulnerability that was recently disclosed. Though most of the products are not vulnerable, couple of critical products like Jamf Pro (Both OnPremise and Cloud) versions got affected by this vulnerability. Here is the list of Jamf nation products that are affected/Not affected by the vulnerability

Jamf ProductVersionsStatus
Jamf Cloud AllVulnerableFixed
Jamf Pro (hosted on-prem)< 10.34.1See notesFixed
Health Care ListenerAllNot VulnerableNot Needed
Jamf ConnectAllNot VulnerableNot Needed
Jamf Data PolicyAllNot VulnerableNot Needed
Jamf Infrastructure ManagerAllNot VulnerableNot Needed
Jamf NowAllNot VulnerableNot Needed
Jamf Private AccessAllNot VulnerableNot Needed
Jamf ProtectAllNot VulnerableNot Needed
Jamf SchoolAllNot VulnerableNot Needed
Jamf Threat DefenseAllNot VulnerableNot Needed

Jamf Pro: Team has released 10.34.1 for Jamf Pro to fix the vulnerability.There is also a manual mitigation where you can update the affected log4j versions manually, incase of updating it like that the future versions won’t be affected