How to accept all linked-in invitations at one go.

I was having 100’s of invitations at my linked-in profile and I was too lazy to click on each and every invite to accept it. I was initially looking for somekind of API to accept all requests but then decided to a search for it and found this post on medium

But after trying the code over there it didn’t work so followed the steps and then updated the code which made my task of accepting invitations easier

Step 1: Go to LinkedIn and then click on My NetWork

Step 2: Right click on the page and click on “Inspect”

Step 3: Then go to console and enter the below code

var x = document.getElementsByClassName('invitation-card__action-btn artdeco-button artdeco-button--2 artdeco-button--secondary ember-view'); for (var i=0 ; i<x.length; i++) x[i].click();

Step 4: Click on “Enter”. As soon as you click on “Enter”. Then you will see invitations accepted.

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