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Neem with “Quercetin” & as ACE inhibitor might slow “Corona” Virus

Before we peek into why Neem might the choice. Let us see more about what are the drugs that has been used against Corona virus

Quercetin in Neem against “Corona”:

Research has proven that Quercetin might act against Corona virus as it kills the virus from spreading to unaffected cells.(Preventive action) and also use of ACE inhibitors can reduce lung damage caused by reduction in ACE2 receptors which the Coronavirus binds too.

But there is not one vaccine which does the both.

So I suggest Neem leaf extract to be taken orally or made as vaccine due to these properties of “Neem”

  • Neem has quercetin which prevents Virus from moving to unaffected cells.
  • Neem also acts as natural ACE inhibitor thereby regulating the blood pressure and reducing the lung damage caused by reduction is level of ACE2

Neem as a Double edged sword: 
Neem acts as a double edged sword as it prevents virus from entering unaffected cells as well as reduces the lung damage.

Quercetin against Corona Virus

Neem as ACE inhibitor

Neem (Azadirachta indica):

  • Neem is known Virus killer as it has AntiViral, AntiBacterial and a host of other properties. In Sanskrit it is called as Universal healer and in Africa it is called “40 cures”.
  • There is a lot of research which proved and found Neem to be effective against host of viruses.

US Health Panel on :”Neem” (Published by US Health Panel on “Neem”)

The claims may sound outlandish but it might very well be true and prevent the spread of Corona virus.

I hope someone will look into this and take it forward further as it’s crystal clear taking “Neem” in some form might get you some immunity only when you ingest it at the right time

When you have virus and when you injest it, Neem might kill the virus?

Take 2 or 3 Neem leaves and not more than that as it has lot of sideeffects

Disclaimer: The views are my own..I leave it to the readers to ultimately decide on their own

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