How to Backup a WordPress website

There are many ways to Backup a WordPress website but here I am going to do a more simpler version of creating a backup of a wordpress website by using one of the plugins available in the market.

Though there are many plugins available I use “All-in-One WP Migration” which has so far worked fine for me

Step 1: Install All-in-One WP Migration

Step 2: Then click on “Export”

Step 3: These choose the options as shown below

Step 4: Click on Export, After clicking on Export you will see something like as shown below

Step 5: Download the file & store it in a safe location. In case you need to restore the backup, you can use this file to restore the entire website

Step 6: And you can also see the backups under “All-in-One WP Migration” –> Backups

Step 7: Incase you need to restore it, you can click on Restore option from here and restore it

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