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How to recover Permanently deleted items from Outlook O365 mailbox?

Sometimes accidentally you might be permanently deleting an important email from your Outlook O365 inbox by pressing SHIFT + DELETE on your keyboard. That also happened to me but don’t worry you can still recover your permanently deleted recover emails on O365 by following the simple steps as described below. Since the permanently deleted emails are kept in a recover deleted items folder it’s become a easier to recover it..

Step 1: Click on Folder and Click on Recover Deleted Items as shown below

Step 2: Recover Deleted Items popup will be displayed as shown below. You can sort it by Received, Deleted On or by Subject to find the item that needs to be deleted (Items listed below are either permanently deleted or have been deleted from the Deleted items folder)

Step 3: Select the Item you want to restore and then click on “Ok”

Step 4: Once you click on “Ok” you can see the item restored back in the Inbox

By this way you can permanently restore deleted items from an Outlook or O365 email account.