List of MicroFocus products affected by Log4j Vulnerability

MicroFocus has nearly 49 of it’s products impacted by this Critical Zero Day Vulnerability. Nearly almost all of the flagship products like AccuRev, ALM, Fortify has been impacted by this issue. For some of the products MicroFocus has come out with mitigation and workarounds instead of actual patches. The below products are vulnerable so go through the below product click on Security Bulletin link for the Corresponding MicroFocus..

MicroFocus ProductVersionStatusMitigation
Access ManagerAllVulnerableKM000002997
AccuRev AllVulnerableKM000003040
Advanced AuthenticationAllVulnerableKM000003047
ALM Global SearchAllVulnerableKM000003208
ALM OctaneAllVulnerableKM000003192
ALM Octane SynchronizerAllVulnerableKM000003139
ALM Quality InsightAllVulnerableKM000003207
ALM Solutions ConnectorAllVulnerableKM000003194
ALM/Quality CenterAllVulnerableKM000003164
ArcSight CollectorsAllVulnerableKM000003123
ArcSight Smart ConnectorAllVulnerableKM000003117
Atlas Planning & Tracking SuiteAllVulnerableKM000003062
AutoPass license serverAllVulnerableKM000003074
Data ProtectorAllVulnerableKM000003050
Dimensions CMAllVulnerableKM000003051
Fortify Audit AssistantAllVulnerableKM000003153
GroupWise MessengerAllVulnerableKM000003014
Host Access for the Cloud and AllVulnerableKM000003184
Host Access Management AllVulnerableKM000003184
LoadRunner CloudAllVulnerableKM000003046
LoadRunner EnterpriseAllVulnerableKM000003042
Micro Focus APMAllVulnerableKM000003133
Micro Focus containerized CMSAllVulnerableKM000003086
Micro Focus containerized HCMAllVulnerableKM000003095
Micro Focus Data ProtectorAllVulnerableKM000003052
Micro Focus DCAAllVulnerableKM000003107
Micro Focus DiagnosticsAllVulnerableKM000003156
Micro Focus DMAAllVulnerableKM000003099
Micro Focus HCMX productAllVulnerableKM000003115
Micro Focus OO/RPAAllVulnerableKM000003093
Micro Focus SMA-SM (Mixed Mode)AllVulnerableKM000003087
Micro Focus SMAX and AMXAllVulnerableKM000003088
Operations Bridge AnalyticsAllVulnerableKM000003109
Reflection for the WebAllVulnerableKM000003187
Reflection for the WebAllVulnerableKM000003187
Retain Unified ArchivingAllVulnerableKM000003021
Security ServicesAllVulnerableKM000003184
Server Automation ReportingAllVulnerableKM000003097
Service ManagerAllVulnerableKM000003078
Service VirtualizationAllVulnerableKM000003072
Star TeamAllVulnerableKM000003065
Vertica Potential AllVulnerableKM000003059
Vertica Server.AllVulnerableKM000003183
Zen NetworksAllVulnerableKM000003058

Rest of the MicroFocus products have not been impacted and some of them still continue to be under Investigation for this Vulnerability. As far as the affected vulnerability, please go through the Mitigation and Workarounds proposed by MicroFocus and some of them may involve replacing actual log4jar on the servers where these applications are hosted.


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