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Micro Focus products that are not affected by Log4j Vulnerability

Nearly 40 out of 90+ MicroFocus products are not affected by this Log4j Vulnerability. If the application you are using is not in the below list then most probably it might in List of Microfocus products affected by this Vulnerability. Next to each product there is a Security Advisory link from MicroFocus has been given, clicking on the link will display more details about the product.

ArcSight LoggerAllNot VulnerableKM000003186
Connected MX – Export Data ToolAllNot VulnerableKM000003106
Connected MX – KMSAllNot VulnerableKM000003106
Connected MX- Import User ToolAllNot VulnerableKM000003106
Content Manager AllNot VulnerableKM000003168
Directory and Resource Administrator (DRA)AllNot VulnerableKM000003185
DRA ReportingAllNot VulnerableKM000003185
FilrAllNot VulnerableKM000003003
GroupWise Disaster RecoveryAllNot VulnerableKM000003012
GroupWise Disaster RecoveryAllNot VulnerableKM000003012
GroupWise Mobility ServiceAllNot VulnerableKM000003063
GW Mailbox ManagementAllNot VulnerableKM000003016
GW Web AllNot VulnerableKM000003092
InfoConnect Desktop ProAllNot VulnerableKM000003177
iPrint ApplianceAllNot VulnerableKM000003033
Legacy Web AccessAllNot VulnerableKM000003092
Micro Focus OpenFusion TAOAllNot VulnerableKM000003167
Micro Focus Orbix 3.3AllNot VulnerableKM000003135
Micro Focus Orbix 6.3 MainframeAllNot VulnerableKM000003179
Micro Focus RUMAllNot VulnerableKM000003025
Micro Focus Rumba+ DesktopAllNot VulnerableKM000003144
Micro Focus SiteScopeAllNot VulnerableKM000003022
Micro Focus VisiBroker 8.5AllNot VulnerableKM000003134
MicroFocus VibeAllNot VulnerableKM000003011
Network Automation (NA)AllNot VulnerableKM000003155
Network Node ManagerAllNot VulnerableKM000003154
Open Enterprise ServerAllNot VulnerableKM000003039
OpenFusion TAOAllNot Vulnerable
Reflection Desktop for X AllNot VulnerableKM000003177
Reflection Desktop Pro AllNot VulnerableKM000003177
Secure IT GatewayAllNot VulnerableKM000003188
Secure Messaging GatewayAllNot VulnerableKM000003010
SecureData Appliance 6.9.5AllNot VulnerableKM000003170
Self Service Password ResetAllNot VulnerableKM000003044
Server Automation (SA)AllNot VulnerableKM000003038
Workflow AutomationAllNot VulnerableKM000003185
XtraDyne IDBCAllNot Vulnerable
ZMF4ECL AllNot VulnerableKM000003111