NetGear Routers affected by Stored XSS Vulnerability

It seems some of the NetGear Routers are affected by stored XSS (Cross site scripting Vulnerability) and the NetGear has released different firmwares updates for the affected routers. They are being tracked by different CVEs for different set of routers as follows

NetGear ProductVersions AffectedAdvisory
R6120<= Advisory
R6260<= Advisory
R6330<= Advisory
R6350<= KB Advisory
R6800<= KB Advisory
R6850<= KB Advisory
R6700v2<= KB Advisory
R6900v2<= KB Advisory
R7200<= KB Advisory
R7350<= KB Advisory
R7400<= KB Advisory
R7450<= KB Advisory
AC2100<= KB Advisory
AC2400<= KB Advisory
AC2600<= KB Advisory


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