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What is Flubot Scam? | Android Malware

FluBot Scam is a text message scam where users receive a text message from a sender pretending to be a well known Delivery courier or Bank or some other services. The message will basically contain a url asking enticing the users to click on it and install an app on Android. Once installed the app will have access to your phone and will send more messages to contacts on your phones.

This has evolved in recent times with users reported receiving fake text messages pretending to be from

  • Amazon
  • Delivery couriers
  • Banks
  • Network providers etc.,

The most popular version in which the users were targeted were they would receive an SMS stating that you have missed a voicemail or call from some XXXXX number or also opt out messages like the one shown below. So users beware before clicking on any link you get in text messages.. Dont click on any links if you think those links are suspicious..