Does Flubot Scam affects iPhone?

Flubot Scam is a Mobile malware app that gets installed on Phones when a user clicks on the suspicious links from the text messages. As far as iPhone users are concerned, these scam doesn’t affect the iPhone/iPad as apps can be installed only via Apple’s App Store where as same is not the case with Android users. So if you are an iPhone user you are absolutely safe from Flubot Scam! but don’t click on any suspicious links from your text messages and enter all the information on suspicious websites.

How does Flubot spread? Flubot mainly spreads via Text messages where users would be enticed to click on links, though the links would look genuine don’t click on the links if it looks suspicious as it may lead to malware being installed on Phones. Though iPhone users are not affected, the users should be carefully when clicking on suspicious links and asking you to enter the information

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