Pexip Products | Log4j Vulnerability

The below article contains list of Pexip products that are vulnerable and also it contains other products that are not vulnerable. Pexip Infinity and Private Cloud are unaffected but it seems attempts were made to exploit Pexip cloud service but those were not successful (Pexip Cloud service doesn’t use Log4j directly, but it is used for supporting infrastructure)

Pexip ProductVersionsStatus
Endpoint ActivationAllNot VulnerableNot Needed
EptoolsAllNot VulnerableNot Needed
InfinityAllNot VulnerableNot Needed
Infinity Connect clientAllNot VulnerableNot Needed
Microsoft Teams ConnectorAllNot VulnerableNot Needed
My Meeting VideoAllNot VulnerableNot Needed
Pexip ServiceAllVulnerablePatched
Reverse Proxy and TURN ServerAllNot VulnerableNot Needed
VMR self-service portalAllNot VulnerableNot Needed


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