413 Error – Request Entity too large | Cloudflare | How to fix?

When you are sites are hosted through CloudFlare’s DNS servers or proxied through CloudFlare account you may often get the “413 Error – Request Entity too large” when a user tries to upload more than 100MB of file on your website. This basically occurs due to a limitation on CloudFlare side as they restrict max upload file size to 100 MB to their Free and Pro customers.

If you are an Administrator trying to side step this problem then log into your CloudFlare account & then do these steps

Step 1: Login into CloudFlare and Click on your Website as shown below

Step 2: Then Click on DNS on the left pane

Step 3: Then change the Proxy status to DNS Only as shown below

Step 4: Since Proxy status is changed to DNS Only, now the traffic won’t be blocked by CloudFlare instead they would be just rerouting the traffic to your site so CloudFlare’s limits won’t apply now. Now if you again try to upload a 100 MB file you succeed

Step 5: After uploading the file, change the status back to Proxied as shown

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