How to change Lock Screen images in Windows 11?

As you all know in Windows11, the images on the Lock Screen keep changing every now and then. This is because the option called Windows Spot light mode is enabled by default. This can be either disabled or you can keep a single image for lock screen by following the below steps

Step 1: Go to Settings by Selecting Settings from Start Menu

Step 2: Once the Settings opens, Click on Personalization

Step 3: On Personalization, Click on Lockscreen

Step 4: You can change the option of Personalization by choosing the option as shown below

Step 5: Choosing Windows Spotlight will display different images, whereas choosing the picture will ask you to select a certain picture by browsing the directory or you can even choose Slideshow

For Photo, you can choose any of the Photo below as shown

Whereas for a Slideshow you need to choose an Album where the pictures will be rotated for a Slideshow