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McAfee products affected by Log4j

It seems the AntiVirus make McAfee has been also affected by Log4j. Products like Enterprise Security Manager, Threat Intelligence Exchange & ePolicy Orchestrator has been affected by Log4j and rest of the products like Data Exchange Layer, MacAfee Active Response, NetWork Security Manager, Network Security Platform, ePolicy Orchestrator Agent Handlers have unaffected by the Log4j Vulnerability.

McAfee ProductVersionsStatusPatched?
Data Exchange Layer (DXL)AllNot VulnerableNot Needed
Enterprise Security Manager (ESM)11.xWorkaroundMitigation
McAfee Active Response (MAR)AllNot VulnerableNot Needed
Network Security Manager (NSM)All Not VulnerableNot Needed
Network Security Platform (NSP)All Not VulnerableNot Needed
Threat Intelligence Exchange (TIE)2.2, 2.3, 3.0WorkaroundMitigation
ePolicy Orchestrator Agent Handlers (ePO-AH)All Not VulnerableNot Needed
ePolicy Orchestrator Application Server (ePO)5.10 CU11WorkaroundMitigation
ePolicy Orchestrator Application Server (ePO)<= 5.10 CU10 Not VulnerableNot Needed