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Almost all of the Ruckus products like FlexMaster, SmartZone 100, SmartZone 144, SmartZone 300, Unleashed and Virtual SmartZone(vSZ), MultiSite Manager, Smart Cell Insight, Ruckus Cloud and Ruckus Analytics were impacted by Log4j Vulnerability. Ruckus Team has released more details on their advisory on when the patches would be available for different products and where it could be downloaded from in the PDF link displayed below the table

Some of the Products like FlexMaster and Ruckus Analytics are still vulnerable as their patches are not available till Dec 20th and Dec 23rd according to a Bulletin over here

Ruckus ProductAllStatusSource
All FlexMasterAll Vulnerablesource
SmartZone 100 (SZ-100)All Vulnerable source
SmartZone 144 (SZ-144) All Vulnerable source
SmartZone 300 (SZ-300) All Vulnerable source
Unleashed All Vulnerable source
Virtual SmartZone (vSZ) All Vulnerable source
Ruckus CloudAll Vulnerable source
Ruckus AnalyticsAll Vulnerable source
SmartCell InSightAll Vulnerable source

PDF Link :


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