Your Computer will Restart before you Continue | Windows Setup Error

You may have often encountered this error “Your Computer will Restart before you Continue” when you are setting up a new Windows on a brand new machine. This occurs due to internet connectivity being not proper when Windows tries to download some data from the servers. The only Solution is to restart the machine and continue with rest of the Windows Setup. If it again throws up a similar error then again do a restart (I had to restart it 2 times before I was able to continue with the Windows Setup). You need to Powerdown the system and again start the system by pressing on the Power button with similar steps you have choosen before..

Before Restarting wait for some 30 minutes to 1 hour this is because Windows might be downloading some extra updates for the Setup and even after 1 hour, you are getting the same error then just restart the system as I have said earlier and continue with the Setup

Note: This solution is only for a brand new laptop in which you are setting up Windows 10 or Windows 11, if you are upgrading from Windows 10 to Windows 11 and you encounter a message similar to this don’t restart your system.

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