How to display errors in IIS for CGI applications like Php/Python

Generally the default settings for IIS prevents CGI applications from displaying the error messages. But the same error messages would display when we test it from within the machine where IIS is hosted.

Follow the below steps to display the errors both for local and as well as remote requests.

Step1 : Login into IIS (intmgr)

Step 2: Choose the Website for which you want to change the error settings as shown below

Step3 : Click on Error pages

Step 4: The error pages will display 3 settings as shown

The default option in the above is the last one which will display errors for local request but not for the remote requests. For the remote requests it will display a 500 internal server error message.

To display detailed error requests for both the internal as well as remote requests, Choose the 2nd option “Detailed errors”.

This will display detailed error messages both for local as well as remote requests.

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