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How to receive FM radio on Laptop with RTL-SDR but without an Antenna?

The below article will explain in detail how to receive FM radio on RTL-SDR without buying an Antenna (You are going to create a makeshift one which won’t cost you a buck)

As a newbie, I thought just buying RTL-SDR without an Antenna would be a good enough and I would be able to receive FM Transmission but I was wrong. Without an Antenna, RTL-SDR is like a fish out of water. You will be able to seek a spike in most frequencies but you won’t be able to hear anything.

I thought about buying a car antenna but I decided against it as it’s not worth enough. So I was faced with 2 choices, either to again Order from Amazon for which I have to wait for 3-4 weeks or make a Antenna on my own (I decided to go with the second option)

I watched a couple of tutorials on Youtube and decided let us create an Antenna on my own

One end of my antenna attached to RTL-SDR looked like shown below

Another end of my Antenna was just a bunch of wires attached to a dipole plugged from a Old Radio

And I was able to get a good reception using this home made antenna with a bunch of wires (The wires I were used from a Ethernet cable used to connect Modem with router)

I was able to get good quality FM Radio without spending a buck on radio. You can see how to buy RTL-SDR and set it up over here