How to receive FM on your Laptop without Internet?

Yes, it’s possible but you may need to purchase a USB Dongle similar to the shown below from Amazon or any other shops which sell “RTL-SDR”


  1. RTL-SDR Dongle
  2. Antenna (Necessary but you can make your own antenna)

Once you have pre-requisites ready, you need to follow the below steps as shown

Step 1: Download the software from (you can find a quick start guide here)

Step 2: Install the drivers downloaded from (By following the steps)

Step 3: Go to the folder and launch SDRSharp.exe

Step 4: Click on the Settings

Step 5: Set the sampling rate to 2.56 MSPS and check the boxes as shown

Step 6: Once you tune your FM frequencies you will be able to receive the FM radio on your Dongle as shown below

Incase you don’t buy an Antenna, you can always make your own.

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