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How to view the lost login url in WordPress when WP-Security Plugin is installed

WP-Security plugin is a fanastic wordpress plugin as it allows more security for wordpress installations by changing the login url as well as by preventing brute force attacks, but one problem with WP-Security is if you forget the login url then you won’t be able to login into your wordpress.

But there is also a solution for it. I also faced the same issue when I forgot the login urls for one of my wordpress installations

These are the steps I followed when retrieving the lost login url

Step 1: Go to the WordPress database

Step 2: Go to wp_options table and search for this “aio_wp_security_configs”

Step 3: Search for “aiowps_login_page_slug” and you will be able to see a value and that’s you login you

All you need to do is append your website with the login url from this “aiowps_login_page_slug”