N-Able Products | Log4j Vulnerability

Very few of N-Able products like RMM and Risk Intelligence were affected by Log4j Vulnerability. Rest of the products like Backup, Mail Assure, MSP Manager, N-Central, Passportal, Take Control were not affected by this Log4j Vulnerability and the N-Able team has deployed patches for RMM and Risk Intelligence on Dec10th & Dec15th. And it has been verified that vulnerable versions of the Log4j library doesn’t exist on those products also now

N-Able ProductVersionsStatusPatched?
BackupAllNot VulnerableNot Needed
Mail AssureAllNot Vulnerable Not Needed
MSP ManagerAllNot Vulnerable Not Needed
N-centralAll Not VulnerableNot Needed
PassportalAll Not VulnerableNot Needed
Risk IntelligenceAllVulnerablePatched
RMMAll VulnerablePatched
Take ControlAll Not VulnerableNot Needed
Source: https://www.n-able.com/security-and-privacy/apache-log4j-vulnerability

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